Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell Em Steve Dave

So as you may or may not know I originally wanted to name my son Bat, Brodie Bruce Wayne Myers
Brodie Bruce (Mallrats) Bruce Wayne (Batman) Wayne Myers (my Grandpa) thus naming one kid after 3 people.

the character in Mallrats, Brodie Bruce was modeled after one of Kevin Smiths best friends. Walt Flanagan.
Walt played "fanboy" in several of Smiths movies including Mallrats and "Tell em Steve Dave" was his catch phrase.
Any way Walt (Fanboy) Flanagan and Bryan (Steve Dave) Johnson recently started their own, now wildly successful podcast.
In addition Walt has drawn 2 comic book mini series written by Bryan.
Then a couple years ago he drew a Batman mini for DC which was written by Smith. Last year they began their second series for DC called Batman the Widening Gyre.
walt is an amazing artist and I've really come to admire his art over the last couple series.
I've also listened and re-listened to all the podcasts.
Walts day job is running a comic shop called Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash in Redbank New Jersey.
Basically he lives a dream of mine. From running a comic shop to professionally drawing Batman.
so last week I wrote an email to Tell em Steve Dave. Just telling them that I love the podcast and asking a few questions.
Bryan answered my email shortly thereafter and didn't answer my questions right there but said that there was a letter answering all my questions and a couple goodies headed my way.

Well today I received the package and it contained the absolute nicest 2 page letter from Walt and the complete 7 issue run of Bryan and Walts comic series "War of the Undead" and Karney.
When I wrote I wasn't fishing for free stuff I just wanted to correspond with these guys.

It was just unbelievably nice of them to take the time to not only write but to send me the comics. They could have much easily just sent an email answering my questions but they went way above and beyond.

While I was already a fan I'm a fan for life now.

Thanks for Telling Me Steve Dave!

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