Sunday, July 18, 2010


Its been a while since I blogged.

I've hada lot going on. My best friend and his girl friend were separated by her parents. She was sent to California to try and "get over" JB. This however only made them stronger. Her family in California that she was staying with supported her choice in JB and dropped her off in Iowa last week and JB went to get her. Since then they have been preparing to marry.
Sh did tell her parents and her mom lost what was left of her mind. Her Dad however is coming along slowly. Its been kinda taxing on everyone. Lin and I have given them as much support financial and other wise as we can. More than we can in some cases but they are my best friends and I have to help.
So I have had all that going on as well as my freelance doing really well. Results the company I used to work for doing art contacted me and wanted to use me on a freelance basis. They have been really keeping me busy.
Its basically really small jobs, but they are time consuming and only amount to about $100-$200 a week. Money we desperately need.
My friend Danny Mac has been keeping me busy with his website. Its almost ready to go live.
Speaking of web sites I may be picking up another website job. Even though I really don't like the work It pays great. Most people run about $1,500 a site and I am only charging $500 cuz I just can't really charge them a lot since my sites are so unbelievably simple.
Other than that its just about trying to be a Dad and a Husband. Not really knocking it out of the park on either of those places.
Plus there is still Blockbuster. I stay around 25 hours there. It just kinda stresses me out knowing that they may just fold at any time and I'll be out on the street.

So that is it. Brings you pretty near up to date.

Thanks for reading


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