Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Change

So here is another change. Also a little insight to the process I deal with on a daily basis. I was contacted by my client. She wanted out doorsy designs with "Four Wheelers" or Dirt Bikes. So this is what I did.
Then I finally get a message telling me that they can't get it approved until I take out the ATV. So I took out the ATV biggified the truck and sent it back. This time it was met with almost instant acceptance.

I did over 50 designs for this company for PBR and around the 48th I was told that the one thing I was told had to be in all the designs was in fact not needed. Still haven't heard back on about 45 designs.

The thing was a small logo the company wanted added to all the PRB designs then after almost 50 my handler told me she loved my designs but wanted less with that logo.
As anyone who follows this blog knows, I was kinda burned out after 50 designs. I can easily remove the logo from the designs and make them pure PBR designs but I never got an answer on that.

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