Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Building a Website

Its kinda out of my element but a friend and fellow artist (actually the guy who taught me Ps) is trying to build a web presence and to start selling his art online. Thanks to another friend of mine, Eric Merced telling me about Rapid Weaver I am capable of doing just that.

So tonight I set out on the long task of building a website. I'v done this a couple times before once for my self and then a very rudimentary site for a client.

Its moving along quicker than I had expected, at least the common parts. However this is the first time I have built a store and it is crazy. So many details to remember. So many items too. We are starting out with 6 designs each with a Sticker (Cheap n Sticky) a Shirt, a Banner, a Signed Canvas Print and what we are calling a "Sinister Skin". A SinSkin for short, is a big sticker between 18 and 25 inches long, perfect for Toolboxes, car, trucks, fridges, pretty much anyplace you can get to. Printed on vehicle wrap vinyl and laminated guaranteed not to fade for 7 years in the sun. Each SinSkin will come with instruction on haw to apply. Which involves a heat gun or a blow torch. I prefer the torch but you really have to be careful that you don't scorch the laminant.

I digress, each design has so many products, and I have to compile all the info for the store so I can get them to ring up right. Its challenging and kinda fun, but this si only day one Lord knows how i'm going to feel about it in a few days.

Anyway thats what I've been up to and I will drop a link here in a few weeks when the site goes live on the web.
I'll probably be selling some stuff there myself.


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