Friday, May 14, 2010

Evolution of a Turtle

Been semi obsessed with Ninja Turtles here recently so this was kinda cathartic. Started with a really rough sketch.
When I get a sketch started and a pose I like, I hardly ever finish the sketch because I can already see where Ps is going to take it and Im too anxious to get started. My sketch book to someone unfamiliar to me is laughable. Its just filled with blocking and these not even half finished characters. On to Photoshop............

This is where I finish the sketch and ink it. Usually very simple, little if any "hatching" because I know im going to paint it up..........
The paint job is tedious but its a must. takes the longest for me and I have ruined so many pieces with bad lighting and crap like that.

There you have it just a little peek behind the veil that is my odd process.

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