Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nervous and Worried

Just need to vent.
Got an e-mail from my handler today and she told me that I have sent enough PBR but the Couuntryboy/girl brand is un related to PBR and I can send more of them without the PBR logo.
She also told me that she has sent some of the designs I sent her on to PBR for approval. She didn't specify if by "some" she meant there were a few that she decided were not good enough to send them or if she simply has not had the time to send them all. After all there are 50 of them.

She told me I was welcome to submit straight Countrygirl/boy designs. She also gave me the info on another assignment but its a wildlife inda thing and I'm nervous. I haven't looked into the assignment at all so I guess I shouldn't really worry.

I'm still looking into finding new clients. I know I have talent and I definitely have the equipment and I know pricing isn't a problem. I just have to market myself and thats tough.

I just can't imagine God would have given me all this and not given me an outlet. Its just up to me to listen to him and find them.

I am Alan Myers professional artist

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