Monday, April 12, 2010

Lots On My Mind

It's Monday night/Tuesday morning and I'm up about to start another movie. Gotta get one more in before I sleep.
Its been a long day, I woke up at 12 noon. Went to see my landlord/good friend Danny Mac. He has built a shop and wants me to help him with some stuff like a website and e-mail and all that stuff. He plans on eventually buying a printer cutter and making his own die cut stickers and vehicle wraps. Also getting some canvas and printing his designs and mine on canvas and selling them. I'll have some links to his stuff here in a month or so when we get things locked down.
I'm going to try and make it over there 2-3 days a week during the day and work with him. While still trying to find new customers and keep my current customer happy.

Speaking of which, its been over 8 weeks since I have been paid by my current client. I'm still busting out 3-6 designs a week for them and sending over low res copys for approval but I'd really like a check for the work I have all ready invoiced.

Blockbuster is going well. I pretty much always have a good time while I'm there. I get paid which is nice. I just need to become that guy that works everyday. If i'm not at Blockbuster I need to get up and work on my own either doing art or looking for clients like its my job.

I'll never be able to support my family properly unless I get more clients.

If you are reading this then you probably know me and I'd really like to ask you to pray for my decisions and for some leads.



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