Wednesday, March 17, 2010

True Life: I'm Ex-Amish Followed by a Rant

Tonight I got to watch an episode of True Life on MTV called I'm Ex Amish.

I found myself getting really sad during this hour long episode. The youths, ages 18-25 were raised in strict Amish homes and decided to leave because they were at odds with the lifestyle.

Each were sorta shunned by their families. I say sorta because they still talked to them, just not as much. They also went home several times. Except the lady, Torah who moved several states away. The other 2 gents were home quite frequently but had to put up with the families constant pressure to come back to the fold.

I wasn't sad for the reason you might think. It wasn't the shunning that bothered me at all. It was the attitude of the kids that got my goat.

2 of the 3 youths left because they wanted more freedom. The other left and came back because of an abusive father. Lets set him aside because its the other 2 that I want to rant about.

They wanted more freedom, one was 15 when she ran away, and lets face it at 15 none of us knew anything about anything but thought we knew it all. She runs away and they don't really discuss the years before college but now she finds herself a in NY in college. She is foul mouthed, drinks, has no respect for her parents. She complains 4 times in the show that her parents don't respect her. She says they don't respect her because they are not ok with her lifestyle. I don't blame them. They are Amish! They raised her Amish and believe with all their hearts that she is doomed to Hell if she doesn't return to the fold. Her dad even says it would be better if she was at least a follower of Christ but she isn't.
My children are being raised Christian if in time they lose that and decide to become atheists or Catholic or any other religion I will do everything in my power to try and talk them back into the path.
As a Christian thats our job. Its supposed to go further than just family. We are supposed to try and convince/convert as many as we can related or not.
I couldn't "respect" my children if they turned into worldly people who flaunt their lack of belief in front of me.
I have no reason to respect that decision. Same as I would have no reason to respect their decision to kill or rob someone.

I've strayed from the path myself for a while and recently I've had a loved one go way out on her own. We tried to talk to her but she just decided that her way was best. Now she has to live with that decision.

At the very end of the show the young lady had a grandmother die. Her dad said that he would pay her way to fly down if she wanted to attend the funeral but wouldn't pay her way back to NY. The last thing they wrote about Torah was that she was upset with her dad for not paying her way to and from the funeral (this includes airfare) and that she felt disrespected and hasn't talked to her dad since.
That is bunk. He's Amish and you ran away, why should he pay your airfare? It's not like the Amish are rolling in money. It just doesn't make any sense.

She is not looking for respect she is wanting them to tell her its ok to live your life any way you want cuz in the end as long as you are a good person then you are going to be ok.
She is wanting basically to spit in the face of those who raised her because she thinks she is smarter than them.
Let me tell you, the Amish may take things too far but they are a hardworking big hearted people.

The world can give you a lot of things but it can never give you a second family. You botch that up because you completely blame them for your life not being as sinful and worldly as every one else "gets" to be and you don't deserve their respect.

Who do you respect more, someone who lives a hard life but ultimately has a great family life or someone that chooses the party lifestyle and freedom. Freedom to conform.

Go out, get your hair dyed and wear your short skirts, sleep around, eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow your life may be required of you and when that time comes and you face Judgement (and make no mistake believer and non believer alike WILL FACE GOD) will your lack of faith do you any good.

I've seen someone raised in the faith turn and decide that the Bible is out dated. Decide that its fine to sleep with their boyfriend. Get on birth control and take charge of their own life.
What scares me most in a situation like that is how easy it is to find people who will take you in because it makes them feel better.
We all know those people who go out and live unfruitful lives, those who may go to church on a Sunday morning occasionally but in everyday life does what feels good and figure that God will be ok with them. They check "Christian" on their facebook profile or put down the Bible as one of their favorite books. Because it looks good.
Those people see a firm believer slip and instantly start to poison them with the "feel good" gospel. "God doesn't care if you go party". "God is fine with premarital sex". "God knows you believe in him and thats all that matters" You don't hurt anyone, right? Then its fine"
Sometimes even the old "All religions are a path to God" line. It's bunk.

They want others to do what they do, to bring them to an equal level so they don't feel bad about the life they live which they no deep down is not the life God wants for a Christian. They seek to murder the conscience.

They buddy up to the fallen, they befriend and run down the way that person used to live, making jokes about it. The fallen then tells more stories to the new friend about the life they used to live. Because they know it will paint the family in a poor light. All the while getting encouragement from thier new friends for making the step in this new direction. A direction of freedom.

Hell is filled with free men.

I'm not saying I'm perfect or even a good person. Far from it but there isn't 1 day, not one that I don't lay my head on my pillow at night and pray for forgiveness and a better tomorrow. Not financially or for a better turn of luck but for a better walk.
I fear NOTHING more than a day I fall asleep without caring if the next day keeps me on the path. I fear that more than Hell itself because on that day, I have all ready lost and Hell will greet me with open arms and say to me "God doesn't care if you go party". "God is fine with premarital sex". "God knows you believe in him and thats all that matters" You don't hurt anyone, right? Then its fine" "All religions are a path to God"

Thanks for listening.



  1. Have you ever read Torah's story? MTV's True Life is geared towards children. I know nothing about the other kids' stories, but go and read Torah's story, the REAL one, not what MTV shows. You might think twice before opening your mouth and judging someone based off a TV show.

  2. "My children are being raised Christian if in time they lose that and decide to become atheists or Catholic"

    Please get your facts straight. Catholics are Christians, do some REAL research before opening your mouth.