Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Website

I redid my website a couple days ago and I am pretty happy with it. I took off a few things I didn't need around and added more illustrations.

My mentor and good friend is building us a shop to work from and he really wants to start selling his work online. So I may be his paid lackey for a while too. He thinks he will have a lot of e-mail and orders to fill. His style and passion is lovingly referred to as Garage Art. Pin-ups and the like but the guy took the time to teach me the ins and outs of Ps so i'm along for the ride.
I'll probably be making a few prints myself even if its just for my house.

Along that vein I hope to train someone myself soon. I found a candidate and he seems to really want to learn. There is always the thought that you are training your competition when you take on a student but if someone hadn't taken me on i'd still be filling up sketchbooks with no outlet.
Kinda went off on a tangent there. The point is my site is up and running go check it out.

Thanks, and God Bless


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