Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So back in the 90's an Australian band was on the radio a lot with the song Bizarre Love Triangle a cover of the New Order's 1986 release.
I loved that song and had started working my first job as a bagger at a grocery store. So on one of my trips to spend my disposable income I bought both Frente's Marvin the Album and Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View. The latter I listened to maybe 4 times before casting it aside. Frente's album however was amazing beginning to end. However most the songs were so different from their successful single B.L.T. that their stay on the american charts was short lived. 2 more songs off that album Accidentally Kelly Street and Ordinary Angels had minimal MTV and radio play. Both were met with little fanfare and the band released 1 more full album titled Shape in the states. They lasted a few more years in their native Australia and then broke up.

I loved their music, I had all their albums. this was before the internet was what it is now. Back then you had what we all call the internet now but it was double what you pay now and your only other alternative was an all text version of it.
So needless to say I didn't know much about the band itself.

I don't know what took me so long but one day last week it occurred to me that the lead singer of Frente, Angie Hart might still be making music. Since her amazing voice and accent was the thing that made me so wild for that band I looked into it. Sure enough Angie has had several solo projects and a couple collaborations with other artists. I downloaded her 2 solo cd's from iTunes and she is as amazing as ever.

I'll embed the video for Bizarre Love Triangle below and if you like it you should really check out Angie Hart's website and Itunes for more by her and Frente.

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