Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been gone for a minute

Its been a while since I posted on here. I hate to get behind.
I've been pretty busy with the new assignment from my client and regular work at Blockbuster.
Been a pretty good 2010 so far. I could do better but I could also do much work.
God has really helped me with a couple issues, not that I haven't made a couple mistakes in that area but it going to be ok.
I need to get more art done. I have an amazing new set-up now but posting pics wouldn't do me much good. Everything is black and kinda blends together.
I find that I am having motivational problems here lately. Just cant seem to get up and get to it.
Lots of weirdness with the family right now. Although its about to get tons better, so I am thankful for that.
Not Lin and I mind you, we are still cool. Going on 10 years of cool.
Well I had better get back to cracking on this assignment.

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