Friday, October 9, 2009

Science as a Religion

So I watched "the Universe" on Discovery last night and it always amazes me to see the hubris involved in so called science.
The fact that there are so many theories and prominent scientists, leaders in their fields that disagree on so many "facts".
Theoretical Physicists are among my favorite. Last night they were talking about Strange Matter. Strange matter is a theory and some scientist swear is true and others swear is not. The ones who believe in it give examples of why it is so, even though it can't be proved. They can not be swayed by the arguments against it.
Those same scientists "know" beyond a shadow of a doubt that God does not exist. How is their belief in Strange Matter, String Theory or Multiverses any different than my belief in God.
I am convinced by what I, and some scientists believe is evidence for the existence of God. Some of my favorite evidence is universal fine tuning which to me is very intriguing. I can't subscribe to Richard Dawkins favorite "explanation" of fine tuning which paraphrased is this: "there are millions and billions of parallel universes where things are like or slightly different from our reality. With that being the possible case, then we just happen to find ourselves living in one of those billions of realities where things turned out perfect for life as we know it. With the infinite amount of possible universes the chances that at least one (ours) would wind up like this, are quite good."
In order to believe that you have to subscribe to theories including but not limited to string and multiverse, which can not be proved or disproved.
Science can not prove or disprove God. At best it can give us a god theory. Much like the theories listed above that can neither be proved or disproved.
I of course believe god to be the Christian God. Author Sam Harris has posed the question however, "How would proving there is a god prove the existence of the Christian God?" Well if science were to ever prove that a god exists then we could immediately get rid atheism, agnosticism and all non monotheistic religions, i.e. Greek gods, Egyptian religions & most eastern religions as well would be eliminated. From there armed with the fact that there is a god, I believe it wouldn't take long to narrow that god down to Judaism's God which would lead to Christianity. That is a blog for another day however.
Back to my point which is starting to get muddied. Science is a religion, Its followers are fanatical in their beliefs & it has devotees that disagree on the major tenets of some of its most important facts. For instance contrary to popular belief there are scientists who believe evolution is ridiculous. Evolution cannot be proven! Science will plug as many holes in the dam of evolution to keep their religion going.
For every string theorist or evolution advocate there is, there exists an equally qualified scientist that disagrees and has "proof" of his theories. The only thing missing is tax exempt status (something I wholeheartedly dis agree with in current religion "render to Cesar" and all that).
Science is a religion. I believe that the science lost its way years ago from trying to figure out how Gods universal laws work. To trying to figure out how to get rid of God.
That is the current trend. Science has convinced itself that God does not exist and now must make up a mythology to support this.
I stare at a painting and I marvel at what the image looks like not what kind of paint was used. I know that the paint was put on the canvas by an artist and he has given me just as much information as I need to enjoy the painting. Further scrutinizing of the painting, how many layers, or strokes, what kind of brushes, how long it took or exactly how it was done might give me better knowledge of the artist and his technique strengthening our relationship. However questioning the artist at length daring him to prove he painted it and trying to get him to repeat the piece in front of you so you might be able to recreate it yourself, will only lead to the artist distancing himself from you. Leaving only you and your shoddy attempt to capture the brilliance of the original.
It can't be done, no knock off is ever as good as the original because the original captured that one moment in history when muse met master and beauty sprang from nothing but the image in his mind.
Science wants to break down the natural world to rules to try and improve on what is perfect. Without the shadows we can't appreciate the light. Without sickness there is no gratefulness for health.
Science is a religion, one like Islam which intends to take the base of what is all ready there and build a perversion that will lead the masses to a false god. One of their own design. A god that exists by not existing.

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  1. Strong stuff. With you 100%!!
    Thanks for sharing, love the painting analogy!