Friday, October 9, 2009


So I had a coworker bring up religion today.
He said that he knew a lady who was uber religious and he used to argue with her because she believed that Jesus was the only way to heaven and that doesn't make sense.
His reasoning was that Christianity is a relatively young religion. It couldnt possibly be the only right one because all the others are so much older.
He could tell I was kind of taken back by what he was saying because he qualified it with "I'm a Christian too so I don't mean anything bad by it but c'mon"
It fascinated me to hear a man who could claim Christianity not believe Jesus was "it". The only right way. Especially with such an ignorant reason as the age of Christianity.
How can you know so little about your supposed religion as to not know what its about, or at least not peace together that Christianity is an extension of Judaism which is old as it gets.
He said you are ususally the religion you were raised as and it doesnt make sense that there could be only one right way because then God would essentially be sending people to Hell who didn't really have a choice.
Anyway that just blew my mind. Maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if the guy was an atheist or something but to say "I'm a Christian".
I really try not to talk to much about religion. It's not because I am weak in my beliefs but because I have a tendency to start going down the rabbit hole into theories. Such as various deities from history could have easily been fallen angels/demons that were just trying to confound and confuse man.
For instance the 'visions" of Muhammad could have been demonic in nature. Demons are/were angels so it woldn't be hard for one to show up and claim to have something to tell you or show you and you would be inclined to believe them.
Or Joseph Smith, some Christians believe he just made up the story of being visited by Moroni. I could see that a Demon disguised as a an Angel could easily confuse someone not grounded in the word and lead him down the wrong path.
I could and do go on for hours on end about this stuff and that is why I keep it short when I talk about religion.
So for the most part I try and leave it at the fact that I am a Christian, I believe the Bible is both the true word of God and is quite litteral. Most of all I believe Jesus is the living son of God and there is no hope without or beyond him.
Anyway I had to rant.


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  1. don't know me, but I really enjoyed this post. I have countless conversations about religion with my Atheist friends and it can get really...complicated. Great read. Do you mind if I follow your blog?