Friday, October 9, 2009

Phantom Carryout

When I was 17 I got my first job as a carryout at the local grocery store. It wasn't long after that I created my first real character. I drew this guy nearly constantly for about 5 years but never really did anything with him.
I still am really attached to him for some reason even though its been so long since I drew him. Most of these were done in the late 90's.
I never could decide if he would have powers or not. Since his design was based on me and I always wanted powers that seemed like the way to go. however with my attachment to Batman I wanted to make him like that too.
The story was this..... On a stormy night while running his namebadge thru the machine to clock in the system was hit by lightning. Giving him electric based powers. Only worked when he clocked in. So sometimes he would be normal at first. Eventually a guardian angel was going to help him build a machine to keep him juiced to fight crime.

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