Friday, October 9, 2009

Personal Rant

I have to get this out of my system.
I'm poor, I have squared myself with that. Last night I received a letter from the people that hold the note on my wife's car. I am 20 days late making that payment. I have very little money and if I plan for my kids to eat then my money sure isn't going to them.
I started getting the idea though that perhaps I should call the bank and assure them I would be paying what I owe but it wouldn't be until the 20th of this month when I will pay both this and last months total. This is the second time I have done this with a Bank and I assure you this will be the last.
I called gave them my info, and they asked how I would be paying. I told them that was why I was calling. We get paid on the 20th, and I will be paying last month and this month then.
That is when I was told that is "unacceptable" and they would need a payment immediately. I explained I had no money and the lady actually said "Sir, are you sure you can afford that vehicle?" Something she would go on to say several times over the next 10 minutes.
I told her I thought so, because I'll be paying on the 20th. Again with the "can you afford this" bit.
Then she went into "Chase was kind enough to give you a vehicle loan and I have been late paying 4 times in the last year, it appears that you do not care about your credit".
This is where I started getting curt with her, I explained that I am going thru a debt consolidation and my credit is all ready smashed so credit threats and guilt are not going to work. The government spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 BILLION dollars to bailout banks. I on the other hand am trying to do things myself, fairly without filing bankruptcy and running out on my responsibilities.
Anyway, I told her "I'm sorry if this sounds rude but here is what is going to happen. I am going to pay what I owe on the 20th, Not a day sooner. So the bank can either accept that as fact and rest comfortably knowing that the money is going to come. Or stick it, Those are your choices."
That's when she said all right, good day and hung up.
It seem banks would rather not know if they are going to get paid or not.
I find it infinitely annoying that they should get bailed out and then come after some one who always pays. I have been behind on payments but never not paid. 3 years I have had that car and 3 years they have gotten their money and they still revert to guilt and threats.
Thanks for listening, that was therapeutic


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