Friday, October 9, 2009


Last night I got to preview 3 movies with my best friend at the theatre I used to manage. He still works there and he is allowed 1 guest at previews.
When I was the manager I know now that I took things too personal. It was pre OCD med and I loved the place. I spent between 55-65 hours a week there. I worked all but 2 Sat and 1 Friday the 4 years I was there. I had a booth manager but i still did most of the maintenance. I cant stress enough how much I was there or how much I loved the place. I can say taht my longest shift to date was 32 hours straight no break. Worked a shift, built movies and ran them thruthat night because its policy and then worked an entire shift the next day.
My downfall was the absolute tool we had for a District Manager. He used to manage that theatre and his district office was there. So I saw him all the time and he never tried to hide the fact that he wanted to manage a theatre again but didn't want to take the pay cut. He micromanaged everything I did. It was a nightmare but I loved my job so I stuck with it.
Eventually his being a huge d-bag and also the birth of my 3rd child caused me to leave the place. With a healthy severance package. Something that is unheard of around there. I only got it because I went to my DM's boss and tried to stop my DM's harassment. They knew he was wrong so they bought me off.
Anyway, I was nervous about last night at first because it would be my first time there after hours since my resignation. it was bitter sweet. I started really missing the place and was really feeling bad until finally someone out of the blue started telling me how things were now and it really helped me say good bye to that part of my life.
Things have continued down the path the home office was starting around the time I left and employee morale is low. Its just a job to these new people.
The D.M. has gotten worse according to the staff. Its just not the same and I know if I hadn't left I would be miserable.
So not only did I get to preview I got to properly and without regret say goodbye to that life.
I'll always fondly remember my time there and who knows where freelance and Blockbuster will take me but Im happy, I get to see my family and Im provided for.
Praise God for all he's done and all he has planned despite my faults.

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